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Everyone benefits from a step-by-step process when they’re facing an emergency. In the event you get a flat while driving, these instructions on how to safely change a flat tire, given step-by-step, will help you out of a jam.

Pull Over

The most dangerous part of dealing with a flat is perhaps the moment it happens. You should avoid sudden changes of direction and speed when you realize you have a flat. Instead, gradually lower your speed and scan for a flat, out-of-the-way location to park while you change your tire.

Turn Hazards On and Apply Parking Brake

Turn your hazards on to signal where you are to passing drivers. This will give drivers more time to change lanes to give you space to work. Also, to steady your car as you work, engage your parking brake and consider using simple wheel wedges as well.

Get Your Jack, Wrench, and Spare Tire

Next, you’ll need to gather the supplies necessary to change your tire. Often, your car’s jack and wrench are beneath your trunk in your spare tire compartment. Naturally, this is where you’ll likely find your spare as well, though it could also be on the back of your car or even stored underneath your truck or SUV.

Loosen Lug Nuts, Then Use Your Jack

Before you jack up your car, loosen your lug nuts with your wrench. This is easiest when your wheels are on the ground so you can apply the most force possible. You may need to remove your wheel cover first. Then, look under your car to find the indented area near your wheel where your jack goes. Raising your jack typically involves rotating a jack tool clockwise until the wheel is several inches off the ground.

Remove the Flat and Mount Your Spare

Once the car is raised, completely remove the tire’s lug nuts and mount the spare. Begin to screw your lug nuts onto the spare, working in a star-shaped pattern to evenly secure the tire. Continue screwing them on until you cannot continue by hand. Then release your jack and use your wrench to completely tighten your spare’s lug nuts.

Put Everything Away and Check Tire Pressure

After you finish, don’t forget to pick up your supplies. Don’t leave behind your flat tire for someone else to dispose of. Before you leave, make sure your spare tire’s pressure matches your owner’s manual. In fact, if you have any specific questions as you change your tire, check your owner’s manual for details. If you change a flat and need to buy new tires in the Grand Junction area, contact our team at RNR Tire Express. Our compassionate team provides expedient and affordable tire service for anyone who needs to fix up their car.

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