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The tires on your car can be a shockingly expensive investment; the average cost for a single tire on a four-door sedan is about $200. When the time comes that you have to replace one or more of your tires, it will be in your best interest to know how to save money when purchasing new tires.

Know the Right Time To Buy Them

Typically, the best time to purchase tires is in October and April. The reason for this is that companies want to encourage motorists to buy new tires before the harsh driving conditions of winter begin. The same reasoning applies for April; companies want motorists to replace tires after the winter season ends.

Be on the Lookout for Deals

Regularly check the manufacturers’ websites for rebates and ongoing discounts. Tire manufacturers often put out rebates for tires, and being aware of and taking advantage of those circumstances will save you money you didn’t know you could save.

Buy the Right Kind of Tire

There are many different types of tires; some are designed for rough off-roading conditions, and others are designed simply to drive on asphalt roads. The heavier-duty tires, the ones designed for off-road purposes, cost more than regular tires due to their reinforced structure. Pay attention to what you are buying, and don’t overspend on tires that you don’t need or that your car won’t benefit from.

Maintain the Tires You Have

Whether you’ve had your tires for a day or a year, you need to take proper care of them. The best way to save money when purchasing new tires is to maintain the tires that you already have so you can get the most life out of them. Routinely checking the tire pressure and filling the tires to the correct PSI, avoiding large potholes while driving, and having your tires regularly rotated will go a long way to keeping them alive.

Know Where To Buy Them

Be aware of who you are purchasing your tires from. Make sure that you purchase them from a reputable tire center that can guarantee quality with your purchase. If you need your tires serviced or replaced, contact RNR Tires in Lincoln, Nebraska. Experienced professionals will help you determine which tires are the best fit for your vehicle and will keep you the safest on the road.

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