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Learning how to drive is an exciting time for a teenager. They are coming into adulthood and about to get a first taste of freedom and time away from Mom and Dad. The car is a symbol of independence, maturity, and freedom for teenagers and they will do everything they can to achieve that independence. Drivers’ education courses are a great tool to help them learn the basics and expand on what they already know from a lifetime of being a passenger in a car. They must drive outside of classes, though, so they get in enough practice. We have some tips on how to teach your kid to drive so you can keep them from developing bad habits too soon.

Keep It Simple at First

You don’t throw them into the deep end of the pool on the first day, and you don’t take them on the tollway either. Keep the route for beginning drivers simple and light on traffic. Driving on congested roads full of cars flying at breakneck speeds is intimidating even for experienced drivers. Let your new driver ease into things on country roads or less-traveled neighborhood ones.

Remove All Distractions

There are far too many distractions in the world and in the car these days. It used to be that there was only the radio or a chatty friend to contend with. Now there are phones, GPS devices, satellite radio, and a dozen other things to contend with in a car. Turn off the radio and phones when driving so they are distraction-free and can focus on the road.

Pick a Good Day to Drive

A new driver will be driving in the rain, fog, and winds soon enough, so there’s no need to rush things. Wait for a nice, warm, sunny day to go out for a drive. Give them ideal conditions so their confidence and driving skills can grow.

Stay Hyper Aware of Everything

It can be difficult for a new driver to concentrate on the road, their hand-eye coordination, and their feet at the same time. They forget to check mirrors and look in blind spots while driving. As the teacher, you need to watch those things for them. Keep a constant eye on the cars around you and what’s up ahead to avoid any potential hazards.

Try to Relax

Then just try to relax! Easier said than done for sure when teaching your kid to drive, but if you are tense and nervous, then the rookie driver will be too. Don’t amp up the stress level any further, and be a good copilot during the trip. Visit us at RNR Tire Express when you need a tire shop in Sumter, SC, that you can trust. We have the parts, tools, and knowhow to get you in and out.

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