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A car’s anti-lock braking system is crucial to the process of slowing down and stopping its movement safely. These setups are designed to prevent you from slamming on your brake pedal and potentially losing control of the vehicle as a result. However, even these pieces of equipment can form functional problems, and it’s up to you as the driver to determine the best way to fix them. Fortunately, most ABS malfunctions can be mitigated by checking the system’s components. This is how to troubleshoot ABS issues and keep your car running properly.

Check Your ABS Light

First and foremost, it’s important that you check your ABS light if you feel that your system may be malfunctioning. When the car starts to receive bad readings, it can mess with the programming that controls the ABS warning light. You can perform this check by turning the car on and off and allowing the computer to reset. Should the light still show after each restart, it could mean that the problem lies elsewhere.

Clean Your Wheel Sensors

You can also troubleshoot ABS issues by inspecting your wheel sensors for damage and giving them a thorough cleaning. Your car’s wheel sensors measure how fast your tires are rotating and send those readings to its central computer. Malfunctioning sensors can cause your car to get an inaccurate reading of your speed and change how the ABS operates. As such, cleaning them and determining whether they’re damaged can help you plan out your next stages of repair.

Inspect the Stator Ring

Even if your wheel sensors seem fine, you should still spend some time checking out the stator ring. This part works alongside the sensor to monitor the rate of wheel rotation. So, this being damaged can also lead to your ABS malfunctioning. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that your troubleshooting process include examining all corresponding pieces of equipment to see if anything is out of place.

Replace Your Tires

Your tires play a critical role too. This is due to the fact that wheel sensors require traction to accurately count rotations. As such, when your tires are worn down, it’s easier for your ABS to develop problems. For this reason, taking the time to invest in new tires can be the key to maintaining your brake’s performance. If your tires aren’t performing to the appropriate standards, it’s only a matter of time before they start affecting the functionality of your ABS system. That’s why our team at RNR Tires Express is dedicated to providing our customers with not high-quality, affordable tires. Our stock of cheap tires in Raleigh, NC, comes from a multitude of top-notch brands, so you’re assured the best possible performance.

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