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It’s common knowledge among drivers that a well-balanced ride ensures their comfort and improves the overall performance of their vehicle’s tires. However, many don’t realize that balanced tires are just as crucial to keeping them safe as they are to producing a smoother ride. Here is how unbalanced tires can affect driver safety and what you can do to prevent these symptoms from occurring.

Uneven Tread Wear

When your vehicle’s tires are unbalanced, each tire is receiving a different amount of weight and force as you drive. This instability naturally leads to uneven wear across all four models and results in the car having inconsistent amounts of traction on the road. In the right conditions, this can be incredibly dangerous, as you have no way of knowing when you’ll slide or which tire will be the cause. If you suspect your tires are wearing unevenly, reach out to your mechanic for assistance. You may even need to find a replacement model depending on the severity of the damage.

Excessive Vehicle Vibration

Unbalanced tires can also cause the car to vibrate and make steering much harder. As the frame rocks, even on smooth pavement, the axis struggles to move the proper components according to your input. Since you need optimal control to drive safely and prevent accidents, driving with heavy vibration can put you in immediate danger. Plus, it makes a vehicle very uncomfortable to sit in.

Stress on Other Vehicle Components

But mostly, unbalanced tires can affect driver safety by placing additional stress on several other vehicle components—namely, the shocks, bearings, and wheel assemblies. With prolonged exposure, these parts will wear away at a faster pace, which increases the rate at which they’ll need replacement. However, should you fail to notice or address the situation, it also raises the risk that your car will experience a breakdown as you’re driving. To prevent your car’s tires from becoming unbalanced, you’ll want to have a trusted automotive professional routinely inspect and maintain them. Allow us at RNR Tire Express to be these very experts for you. We hire only the most experienced staff for our tire stores in Rock Hill, SC, and our attached shops make it possible to service your vehicle as you’re browsing our selection. We can balance your tires again so that you have nothing to worry about.

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