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From the time we first learn how to drive to the present, we all develop particular driving habits. These habits show that, over the years, your skills as a driver grow as you begin to feel comfortable behind the wheel. However, like all behaviors, there are good and bad driving habits. These are some of the most common negative driving habits and how your driving habits affect your tires.

Driving Over the Speed Limit

We’ve all gone a few miles over the speed limit at one point in our driving careers. But very few of us realize the impact this simple action has on our vehicles. For starters, the faster you drive, the more heat you generate. This heat, known as friction, is responsible for general tread wear and the depreciation of overall product longevity. As such, when you’re maintaining a high speed for an extended period, you’re actually wearing away at your tires more quickly and reducing how long they’ll last.

Exceeding Your Car’s Weight Capacity

Your driving habits can also affect your tires by causing them to buckle, especially if you choose to put more weight in your car than your tires can handle. It’s important to remember that all tires come with a maximum weight limit printed clearly on their sidewall. Exceeding this number presses your tires closer to the pavement, which weakens their sidewalls and increases your chances of sustaining a blowout.

Rolling Over Road Debris

Driving absentmindedly over road debris is something else you shouldn’t do. Not only can these items puncture your tires, but they also have the potential to cause internal damage. When tires spring internal leaks, air can build up in the rubber casing and create tire bubbles. This issue can eventually result in flat tires or sudden blowouts that can put you in danger on the road. If you find that you have some of the previously mentioned bad driving habits, consider having a mechanic check out your tires. Excessive wear can cause them to become unstable and unsafe, so inspection and replacement are the best ways to keep yourself safe. But don’t worry about the research process; at RNR Tire Express, we have just the tires for you. Our inventory of tires in Augusta, GA, contains many top-quality models from reputable brands—and at a price you can afford.

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