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When parents are first teaching their teens how to drive, it’s common for them to only focus on the driving itself, with things such as turning, accelerating, and braking being the main points of interest. But while knowing these actions is crucial, it’s just as crucial that your child has an understanding of the car itself. This means educating them on how the vehicle works and what they need to do to maintain it over the course of its lifespan. These are some important car maintenance tasks to teach your teen before you consider handing over the keys.

Oil Changes

Typically, oil changes should be performed every 3,000 driving miles. So, if your child is going to be doing a good portion of that traveling, it’s imperative that they’re aware of what that means. This process ensures that engine parts stay lubricated and perform properly. In fact, it’s also the key to preventing excessive wear on certain components and, ultimately, an engine breakdown.

Regular Tune-Ups

What constitutes a vehicle tune-up and how often they should be done is also an important component of car maintenance to teach your teen. Just as you taught them to see a doctor every year, you should also tell them that the same principle applies to their car. This ensures that all problems are addressed, and minor issues are resolved before they can evolve into something more dangerous.

Topping-Off Fluids

Make sure you’re showing them how to top-off certain car fluids as well. While some of them should only be replaced by an experienced professional, others—such as coolant, brake, and transmission fluid—can be easily filled at home. This process can also educate your teen on how the different fluids look. So, if the car should spring a leak, they can more accurately identify the problem on their own.

Changing Tires

But if there’s anything that your teen will need to know on the road, it’s how to change their car’s tires. Should they suffer a flat while driving, it can be difficult for you to get there to help them. As such, teaching them this process will be essential to getting them moving again and keeping them safe. Don’t be afraid to spend some time walking them through the steps, perhaps even having them practice in the driveway. For additional advice about tire changes and maintaining the quality of your current models, reach out to RNR Tire Express. We carry a large collection of tires in Florence, SC, to choose from—many of them from well-known and reputable brands. Our experienced staff can help you navigate our selection and find the perfect tires for your teen’s new car. We can also answer any questions you may have about changing your car’s tires to ensure your child is as prepared as possible.

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