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Reflect on the old days of car safety for a moment. There were bumpers on both ends and seatbelts for most passengers and the driver, but that was it. Safety wasn’t a huge concern for the majority of automotive history. In the last 30 years, safety features on cars have taken a quantum leap compared to the old days. New car buyers want safety features, and they won’t buy a vehicle without them. As we log more miles every year, innovative safety features on new cars continue to save lives.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is available on most new cars today. The system uses sensors and radars mounted inside the grill at the front of the vehicle to lock onto the leading car. It ensures the car maintains a safe speed and distance by automatically braking or accelerating when traffic speeds change. Adaptive cruise control is most valuable on long road trips on highways.

Automatic Emergency Braking

More and more drivers are looking for this innovative safety feature on new cars. Cars with automatic emergency braking will sense a potential collision, and if the driver doesn’t react, the car will start braking automatically. Sensors line the front of the car and are constantly judging the distance between two vehicles. If the lead car suddenly gets too close, your vehicle will take emergency action.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warnings are good for late night and distracted driving. The car senses the white lines on the side of the road. If the car starts drifting and the driver doesn’t correct it, the steering wheel or drivers’ seat will vibrate, alerting the driver that they need to get back in their lane.

Blind Spot Detection

Not enough drivers check their blind spot before changing lanes. Every vehicle has a blind spot that makes the vehicles adjacent to yours invisible in any mirror. Blind spot detection software alerts the driver that a vehicle is close by shining a light in the door mirror.

Safety Exit Assist

A highly sought-after safety feature by parents is the safety exit assist. It works much like the blind spot assist and prevents kids from opening doors when other vehicles or bicycles are approaching. The assist is only temporary, and when the vehicle passes safely, the car allows you to open the door. RNR Tire Express is the only place for wheels and tires in Knoxville, TN. Check out our lineup online, then come see us for installation.

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