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Having a flat tire is a giant headache that no one enjoys. Changing a tire with the emergency jack and tool kit and putting on the tiny donut tire is a long process. When you realize you have a flat, your first thought is spent wondering if all the tools and tire are in the trunk. Once the relief of finding them washes over you, dread sets in with the thought of changing the tire. Even if you aren’t doing it yourself, you’re still sitting on the side of the road waiting for help. Then you have to wave on a half dozen good Samaritans that slow to ask if you need help. Learn the most common reasons for a flat tire to avoid the mess altogether.

Potholes and Rough Roads

The state of the roads in this country is a mixed bag, to say the least—some are bad, and some are awful. Hitting a pothole at 60 mph is a good way to end up with a flat tire. Large potholes are mostly easy to avoid during the day, but at night all bets are off. If you want to avoid a flat tire on a bad road, the best advice is to slow down, keep your eyes forward, and avoid all the debris and holes along the way.

Old, Worn-Out Tires

A tire will wear out and lose its tread over time. When a tire gets old and you can see the threads in the rubber, the odds that it will go flat are high. Old, worn-out tires will go flat—it’s a matter of when not if. They are dangerous to drive on because the worn-out treads on the tire make it harder to stop the vehicle and drive in adverse conditions. Don’t let them go so long that they pop from old age. Rotate and replace them at the manufacturer-recommended times.

Punctured Tires

Debris on the road will puncture a tire fast. Big items such as a board with nails, a tree branch, or debris are easy to see and avoid. A nail laying on the highway is impossible to see at 65 mph. The good news is that occasionally the tire can pick up a nail without popping—it just stays in the tire. However, when you pull that nail out, there’s a chance the tire won’t hold air. If the nail isn’t doing any damage, it’s best to leave it in until you can take your car into your local mechanic or tire dealer. In Gastonia, NC, your best option is RNR Tire Express.

Hot Steamy Weather

High temperatures in the summer cause the air in the tires to expand, increasing the internal air pressure. That increased pressure increases the chances that the tire can spring a leak, or blowout completely. When it’s hot out, check the tire pressure regularly and let some air out if you need to. Get your tire repaired at RNR Tire Express. We are the best tire shop in Greenville, SC, and we will treat you right.

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