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One of the most important aspects of any off-road vehicle is the tire. Below, we offer essential tire maintenance tips to ensure you stay safe and have fun on your next off-road adventure!

Choose the Right Tires

Before you even consider hitting the off-road trails in your truck or 4×4 vehicle, you want to ensure it has the necessary rubber to conquer the terrain and elements. You may have the most off-road capable vehicle in the world, but it won’t matter much the second it hits some mud or sand and its standard highway tires get stuck.

The two most common types of tires for off-roaders are all-terrain or mud-terrain ones. The one that’s best for you and your vehicle will depend on factors like the off-road terrain you’re navigating and however else you use the vehicle. If you use the car strictly for off-roading and need the most capable tires, you’ll likely want to go with mud-terrain tires.

Adjust the Tire Pressure

It’s not enough to have the right tires; you also have to adjust them to handle the challenges of off-road terrain better. An essential tire maintenance tip for off-road adventures is adjusting the tire pressure by releasing some air. While underinflated tires are a problem on highways and roads, they offer many advantages to off-roaders.

Slightly underinflated tires increase the tire’s surface area, giving it better traction in the difficult terrain and reducing the risk of punctures. It also helps the tire absorb bumps on the off-road for a smoother and more comfortable ride for the driver. It’s wise for off-roaders to have a portable air compressor in their off-road vehicle to adjust the tire pressure as needed.

Be Prepared for Punctures

When off-roading, the driver and vehicle must be ready for anything, including punctures. While off-road tires can withstand a tremendous amount of punishment and not crack or break, they’re not invincible. Also, anything can happen while off-roading.

Having a spare tire and repair in the off-road vehicle is always wise. At the very least, you should carry a tire patch kit and portable air compressor to fix any cracks and reinflate the tires if needed. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a busted tire and no remedy.

Where To Get Off-Road Tires

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