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Proper steering capabilities are essential to driving your vehicle. However, it’s still common for drivers to start experiencing issues with this particular component. When this happens, even something as simple as turning the wheel can be difficult, and the act of driving itself can be impossible. These are some of the reasons your steering wheel might be giving you trouble and how you can address them.

Failing Power Steering Pump

The power steering pump applies pressure to the steering rack when the wheel is turned. It’s what provides a driver with optimal steering control and allows for the smoothest turns possible. As such, should this pump become damaged and fail, it naturally becomes more difficult to turn the wheel at all. Since this component can be very sensitive, the best way to correct this is to have it either repaired or replaced by a professional mechanic.

Low or Thickened Power Steering Fluid

The state of the power steering pump’s fluid could also be a reason your steering wheel might be giving you trouble. This liquid keeps the power steering pump properly lubricated, which promotes further ease in turning the steering wheel. Because of this, should the fluid become low or thicken in certain climates, the wheel may be harder to move. Regularly checking your car’s fluid levels can help prevent this problem from happening in the future.

Steering Rack Malfunction

Steering issues could mean that there’s something wrong with your car’s steering rack as well. Connected to the steering wheel and all four wheel rims, the rack is designed to transfer motion from one system to the other. It’s what physically causes the car to turn in a consistent and smooth manner. However, should it suffer damage, it can cause miscommunication between the two components, preventing the wheel from moving properly. These problems should also be addressed by a professional.

High or Low Tire Pressure

Even the overall state of your tires can have an impact on your steering wheel. When your tire pressure is higher or lower than its preferred level, your tires are no longer maintaining the correct amount of traction with the road. This can make it more difficult to turn them as well as make them much less safe to drive on. For this reason, it’s important that you periodically fill them or get them replaced if they aren’t maintaining their pressure. A vehicle’s tires can have a larger impact on how the machine performs than most people tend to think. This is why it’s crucial that you’re always equipped with durable and reliable models. At RNR Tire Express, we seek to provide our customers with top-notch products at a fraction of the price they’d pay for them anywhere else. Our stock of tires in Charlotte, NC, even comes from a series of well-known brands to ensure you’re getting quality items. Come visit our shops to learn more.

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