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Unfortunately, not everyone who regularly drives a vehicle does so with the level of care and safety that they should. It’s rare to drive on any busy street and not see someone do something that leaves you speechless at how dangerous or reckless it is. If you feel like you might be the issue, take some time to assess your driving behaviors. Here are a few signs that you are a cautious driver and that you can feel proud of your empathy toward your fellow drivers.

You Yield in Uncertain Situations

Unexpected situations happen all the time when driving, but a cautious driver knows that they have the potential to make things worse. A cautious driver doesn’t swerve around a vehicle that they think is going too slow. A cautious driver will yield to any pedestrian, even in areas where there shouldn’t be any. Showing restraint while driving is a good way to keep those around you safe.

You Don’t Let Others Dictate Your Speed

If you’ve ever had someone drive close on your tail even when you were going the speed limit, you know how annoying this can be. Some drivers will assume that they are the issue and try to speed up to get the other driver away from them. But speed limits are there for a reason; as long as you’re driving the speed limit, you aren’t doing anything wrong, even if other drivers want you to go faster.

You Stick to the Correct Lanes

A common sign of a good and cautious driver is an understanding of what different lanes are for. You shouldn’t be swerving in and out of lanes trying to get ahead of everyone else, especially on a highway. Cautious drivers know that the lanes on the right are for maintaining speed, and lanes on the left should only be for passing someone before moving over to the right again.

You Don’t Stop To Look at Accidents

Accidents that happen on the side of the road can cause a lot of commotion for other drivers. Humans are curious creatures, and an accident is something we get very curious about. A smart, cautious driver knows that splitting their attention to look at an accident as they pass can lead to even more accidents because you’re not focused on what’s in front of you.

You Keep Your Phone in Car Mode While Driving

Phones are the bane of every safe driver. They’re extremely distracting and can easily cause otherwise smart drivers to end up somewhere they don’t want to be. Many phones have car modes that restrict access to certain features when you are moving above a certain speed. If you use this feature to prevent yourself from splitting your attention between your phone and the road, you are quite a cautious driver.

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