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As many drivers are aware, a tire’s rolling resistance is the amount of force required for them to sustain motion. Because of this, it’s essential that this factor is taken into account whenever you go to purchase a new set of tires for your vehicle. However, it’s lesser-known how your tires themselves respond to certain levels of rolling resistance, and keeping this in mind can help with finding an effective product. This is the impact of rolling resistance on tires and what it means for their overall functioning.

Contributes To Ease of Movement

To begin, rolling resistance affects how easily or not a tire can be rolled along the pavement. The higher amount of resistance a model has, the harder it is for that tire to move. This makes some products inefficient in the long run and is the reason why buyers will often prioritize products that have a lower rolling resistance.

Influences Contact Area and Friction

Rolling resistance can also contribute to a higher or lower amount of contact area with the road. Since they’re harder to roll, tires with higher rolling resistance will often have more of their treads touching the pavement at a given time. With more rubber to grip the road, this gives these tires an additional amount of friction. While (most of the time) friction can be good for establishing traction, too much can be problematic.

Effects the Rate of Tread Wear

Speaking of friction, it can influence the rate that a tire’s treads wear away with use. With higher levels of friction, your tires will deteriorate faster. This is the largest impact rolling resistance can have on tires as a whole because it can severely reduce a tire’s lifespan and leave them ineffective. So, if you’re currently running with high resistance tires, you may be finding that you’re replacing them more often than you should be. To learn more about rolling resistance or how to find the right tire for your vehicle, reach out to RNR Tire Express. Our tire shop in Florence, SC, is staffed with a series of knowledgeable industry professionals to provide you with the most up-to-date information and advice for choosing effective models. We also carry a multitude of different products to ensure that we always have the right one to suit your specific needs.

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