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There are a few things that every driver should keep in their car for safety, such as a spare tire, first aid kit, and jumper cables. But should you buy a portable tire air compressor? We answer that question and more below!

Portable Tire Air Compressors Explained

A portable air compressor is a great item in your repertoire of automotive maintenance tools and equipment. You should buy a portable tire compressor because it’s so small that you can keep it in your vehicle all the time.

After all, you never know when you might need it! Along with basic safety equipment you should always keep in your car, add a portable air compressor to the vehicle for your tires.

Benefits of Portable Tire Air Compressors

Here are the primary benefits that portable tire air compressors can bring you.

Help With Maintaining Tire Pressure

There are many reasons to own a portable tire compressor, but maintaining proper tire pressure is the primary benefit. It’s always best for your safety and your vehicle’s performance to keep the tires within the recommended tire pressure range, typically 32 to 35 PSI.

But the tire pressure can fluctuate while driving, especially during the winter when the cold temperatures make the air in the tires contract. Instead of going to the nearest gas station to use their pump, you can use your portable air compressor. It makes it easy to quickly put air in the tire and return it to the recommended range.

Help With Repairing or Changing a Tire

If your tire ends up punctured and you don’t have a spare, a portable air compressor will come in handy. While you can fix the leak in the tire without one, you can’t put the air back in the tire unless you have an air compressor in your car.

Also, when changing a tire, having a tire compressor handy ensures you can properly inflate the spare. Tires that haven’t seen use for years will gradually deflate, and you don’t want to swap a flat tire with an underinflated one!

Help With Off-Roading

Another benefit of keeping a portable air compressor in your car appears if you regularly go off-roading or drive on non-paved roads. For non-paved roads and off-road terrain, the tires should be slightly underinflated to make the ride more comfortable, provide better traction, and prevent you from getting stuck.

With a portable air compressor, drivers can deflate their tires when they go off-road and inflate them back to normal when they return to the pavement.


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