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Your car will tell you when there is something wrong; you just have to know what it is saying. Cars don’t make weird noises or shake because they are running great. When you hear something that pricks up your ears, don’t ignore it. Take a look in, around, and under the car to see what it is. Tire alignment is something that most people don’t worry about, but proper alignment is crucial for optimal performance and safety. Poor alignment will lead to poor gas mileage and premature tire wear. There are telltale signs it’s time for a wheel alignment.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side

When your car is properly aligned, it will travel forward, in a straight line, without you having to touch the steering wheel. When the alignment is out of whack, it will drift to one side of the road or the other. You’ll have to actively hold the steering wheel to one side to keep traveling straight. That’s not good.

Uneven Tire Wear

Bad alignment will show itself in uneven tire wear. As your tires log mile after mile, they will lose rubber and lose tread. If the alignment is good, this wear will be even and spread across the whole tire. If the alignment is off, the wear will be uneven and only one side will show it. Half of the tire will look fresh and new, while the other half looks worn down and old.

Shaky Steering Wheel

The steering wheel should never vibrate. If you are driving down the road and the wheel shakes like you are going over rumble strips, that’s definitely a sign it’s time for a wheel alignment. It could be because of an unbalanced tire, but it’s more likely bad alignment.

Crooked Steering Wheel

Always pay attention to the steering wheel, as it will tell you a lot. You might be correcting bad alignment by oversteering. The wheel should come to a rest in the proper position. If you are driving and still “steering” while going straight, it’s time for a wheel alignment. Come to RNR Tire Express for the latest wheels and tires in Savannah, GA. We can set you up with something sweet for your car or truck.

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