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Your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system, or ABS, is responsible for keeping your tires from locking up should you suddenly push the brake pedal. It’s a crucial safety mechanism designed to help reduce skidding on slippery terrain and prevent the accidents that result from this occurrence. However, like most mechanical components, the ABS isn’t immune to breakage and can ultimately malfunction without the proper maintenance. These are the signs your ABS pump is failing and requires immediate attention.


When your ABS experiences a mechanical issue, your dashboard’s ABS light will illuminate as a warning. This light is amber in color and appears similar to the “check engine” indicator that comes on when there’s a problem with your engine. Should the ABS light come on while you’re driving, pull over at your first opportunity and have your car inspected.


The ABS could also be failing if you notice that your brake pedal is consistently locking up or is becoming increasingly difficult to push. After all, you can’t push the brakes if the mechanism simply won’t engage. Both of these symptoms indicate a problem with how the system is interacting with the pedal itself. So, take this as a clear message to get your ABS fixed or replaced.


Another crucial sign your ABS pump is failing is that your speedometer seems to be reading incorrectly. The anti-lock braking system uses speed measurements to determine when it’s time to lock the brakes. As such, if it’s receiving false readings, your brakes are more likely to lock up as you’re driving normally. Therefore, make sure you take your vehicle in for an inspection if you suspect this meter might be off.


One of the most dangerous symptoms of a faulty ABS occurs when your brakes don’t respond to being pressed at all. The ABS should engage immediately with any type of force from the pedal. For this reason, it’s highly concerning if you aren’t getting any reaction from the braking system. If this does happen, stop the car as soon as possible and seek professional assistance.

When it comes to improving the performance of your car’s ABS, the state of your tires also plays a key role. This is why RNR Tire Express sells only the best quality wheels and tires in Charlotte, NC. By using our products, you’re guaranteed lasting performance with minimal stress on the rest of your vehicle.

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