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Due to improper weight distribution between your tires, you may experience some worrying symptoms that can cause long-term damage to your vehicle. Beyond simply causing damage to your car, your vehicle’s handling will suffer and can put you in dangerous situations on the road. Being able to spot the signs your tires are unbalanced will enable you to get them fixed as soon as possible before more harm occurs.

How Do Tires Become Off-Balanced?

This happens when the weight between your tires is not equal. This can be a result of one of your tires being more worn down than the others or simply because one tire weighs more. The weight difference does not have to be large; as little as half an ounce difference can be enough to affect your car.

Your Car Is Vibrating

Most likely, the first sign your tires are unbalanced that you will notice is the steering wheel will begin to vibrate. But as time goes on and the weight difference becomes greater, the vibration will be enough to shake the entire cabin of your vehicle.

Determine the Cause

A vibrating steering wheel can be the symptom of many problems, not just tire imbalance. Take your vehicle to a mechanic whenever it vibrates, as it may not necessarily be due to tire weight differences.

You Have Trouble Steering

The handling of the car will suffer due to the weight difference, making your ability to turn harder than it normally would be. This is one of the more dangerous symptoms, as it directly affects how your car moves on the road. Without proper handling, your reaction time to accidents is reduced, resulting in an increased likelihood of you getting into collisions.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Due to the extra resistance that uneven tires put on your engine, it will force your vehicle to work harder to compensate for the added stress. The harder your engine is working, then the more fuel you will burn. Be aware of how much gas you are using, and if you feel that your gas mileage is noticeably reduced without explanation, then it may be because of uneven tires.

Know the Condition of Your Tires

How old or worn your tires are can affect how your car handles in more ways than uneven weight. The older the tires, the less reliable they are. And while on the road, where hazardous conditions are always a possibility, you need to have tires that will keep you safe. Contact RNR Tire Shops in Lincoln, Nebraska, to give yourself the tires that will keep you safe.

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