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Maintenance is an important part of car ownership. You must take care of your vehicle so that it will operate well, last a long time, and remain a safe mode of transportation. Parts and systems within any car or truck need care and attention to keep working. It’s a machine, after all, and machines won’t run forever if you don’t take care of them. Tire rotation is an aspect of maintenance that often goes overlooked. For whatever reason, most of us don’t look at our tires and inspect their condition until one of them goes flat. Tires wear out just like anything else and become less effective. Stopping distance increases, their grip on the road diminishes, and they become a safety issue when worn down. Fortunately, there are signs your tires need to be rotated that will tell you when it’s time.

The Tires Are Showing Uneven Wear

Tires wear down, it’s a fact of car ownership, but they should wear down evenly and uniformly. Front tires will always wear down faster than rear ones. The front tires bear most of the weight of the car, with the engine being directly overhead. They direct the car when turning, and every time the wheels turn, they leave rubber on the road. The front tires also do most of the braking as the weight of the vehicle shifts forward. When the front tires show wear beyond what the back ones have, it’s time to rotate them and put the rear tires on the front and vice versa. Eventually, the wear on the front tires will catch up and it’ll be time to replace all four.

Your Vehicle Vibrates Considerably

The ride of your vehicle should be smooth and comfortable, unless you are on a road full of holes and bumps. You shouldn’t feel any unnatural vibrations or shimmying when driving your car. It’s a sign that at least one, or maybe more, of your tires has uneven wear. It looks like only one half of the tire is getting any use and the other half is still fresh and full of tread. That uneven wear leads to vibrations and can lead to additional problems with the vehicle.

Air Pressure Loss

If one of the tires is losing air pressure for no apparent reason, it’s a sign of uneven wear and another sign that your tires need to be rotated. The tire losing pressure isn’t necessarily the one that has uneven wear, so check them all. The tire in question is making up for the other tire that is in bad shape because it’s supporting more of the weight. Check them all for uneven wear and punctures. The best place for rotating tires in Sumter, SC, is RNR Tire Express. Our shop is full of professionals and tools waiting to service your car or truck.

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