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Putting gas in the car is an expense that most people have to bear. While those who live in major cities and a handful of other demographics can get away with not owning a car, the rest of us need them. Cars are a necessity for modern life, allowing us to get to work, run to the store, and shuttle the kids around to football practice. Gas costs money, too—lots of it. Recently, the price of gas was over $4 per gallon, depending on where you live. These days, it averages around $2 per gallon across the country, and it starts to add up. Use some of these simple ways to improve your car’s gas mileage to keep some cash in your pocket.

Take Your Foot off the Gas

Do you know what happens when you step on the accelerator? The engine consumes and burns fuel. When you jam on the gas pedal at the red light, all you’re doing is wasting gas. Slow down, take your time, and save some gas. Racing between red lights is unnecessary, for one thing, and it’s expensive. Police are out there looking for lead-footed wannabe racecar drivers deserving of fat speeding tickets.

Stay in Your Lane

Staying in your lane will accomplish two things: you’ll slow down and save fuel. It forces you to slow down and maintain a consistent speed. Every time you change lanes, you must speed up to overtake the other car, burning excessive fuel. Constantly changing lanes actually increases the distance you are traveling. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so changing lanes means you are increasing the miles you are traveling.

Check the Tire Pressure

Tires have a recommended air pressure they should maintain that is printed on the side of every tire. Keeping them properly inflated keeps the engine from having to work as hard to move the car. Underinflated tires force the engine to work harder to move the car at your desired speed, while overinflated tires have less contact with the road and increase the chances of a blowout.

Buy Cheaper Gas

Shopping around for better gas prices may not necessarily improve your car’s gas mileage, but it will definitely help you get more mileage for your dollar. There are probably a dozen gas stations in your area that all have different prices for their gas. Drive around to find the lowest price. Better yet, there are apps available that only do that—find the cheapest gas price in your area. RNR Tire Express is the best tire shop in Fayetteville. Check out our selection online and then bring your car or truck in for service.

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