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When was the last time you had to get on the hooks to avoid rear-ending someone? You were probably terrified, then relieved when your car stopped just short of the bumper in front of you. People don’t think about the brakes on their car until they need them. Brakes are a car’s most important safety feature, without a doubt. Without them, everyone would have to either run into a tree or building or use their feet through a hole in the floor, like Fred Flintstone. Pay attention to your car’s brakes and how they are performing so you don’t end up a statistic. Know the symptoms of bad or failing brake pads and get them replaced quickly.

Awful Noise Coming From Wheel

Most cars on the road are whisper-quiet by design. They glide down the road and don’t make much noise at all. So when your car starts making awful noises, chances are something is wrong. When the brake pads start wearing down, they start making noise. An audible whining, grinding, or squealing sound will come from the wheel with bad pads. In some cases, this is by design. Some brake pad makers put something in the pads to let you know they are thin and need replacing.

Increased Stopping Distance

As you drive your car day after day, you get to know how it performs. You begin to expect it to react and behave in a certain way. That extends to the brakes too. If you start to notice that it’s taking longer for you to stop, the pads are shot. The average four-door car needs 10 yards to stop when traveling at 50 mph, if you need more than that, then it’s time to get new brakes.

Soft Brake Pedal

The first symptom of bad or failing brake pads you’ll notice is a soft brake pedal. When you press on the brake pedal, you should feel resistance. As your foot comes down, pressure builds in the brake lines, actuating the calipers that press the brake pads on the rotors, and the car stops. When the pads are worn, they don’t meet the rotor, giving less resistance on the pedal. Left alone long enough, you’ll soon be putting your foot to the floor, but the car won’t stop.

Burning Smell

A strong chemical odor experienced after braking hard is a sign of overheated brakes. Check to see if the parking brake is fully disengaged and let the brakes cool off. Continuing to brake hard will aggravate the problem. Not letting the pads cool off can lead to boiling the brake fluid, which will lead to brake failure. RNR Tire Express is the best tire place in Savannah, GA. Browse our selection of wheels and tires online, then come in and find out for yourself.

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