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There is a misconception out there that overinflating the tires on your car or truck is a good thing. The belief is that having more air in them will provide better handling and fuel efficiency. The opposite is true, however, because there are some real dangers in overinflating your tires. Every tire from every manufacturer has the optimum air pressure printed on the sidewall. When filling your tires, you should adhere to the suggested pounds per square inch (psi) to get the best performance out of your tires. Disregarding this recommendation will increase the chances of an accident and affect the overall performance of your vehicle.

Premature Tire Wear

Putting too much air in your tires causes them to distort and bulge. They become less flexible and more rigid, which leads to excessive wear. A rigid tire will take more abuse from bumps in the road, curbs, and the elements. Tires are rubber, but like a balloon, if they have too much air them, they become less pliable and reactive to outside stimulants. An overfull balloon is more likely to pop than a half-full one, and the same goes for tires.

Decreased Traction

When tires are overfull, as mentioned, they become rigid. The center of the tire bulges out and becomes the only part of the tire in contact with the pavement. Instead of the whole surface area of the tire touching the road, only a thin strip down the middle does. Fewer points of contact with the road lead to less grip on the road and decreased traction, a serious danger of overinflated tires. In adverse conditions, having a good grip on the road will help you stop faster and corner better.

You’ll Get a Rough Ride

Some cars are made to have a smooth ride, like floating on a cloud. You’ll feel every bump in the road with overinflated tires. Tires with the proper air pressure can absorb the shock of potholes and bumps in the road. The flexibility of the tires absorbs the shock and lessens the impact on the rest of the car. When they are overinflated, that flexibility is stolen, and the ride gets rough. Visit RNR Tire Express today and see what we can do for your car or truck. We are the best tire shop in Raleigh, NC, and stand by our work.

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