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As a vehicle’s tires age, their rubber casings begin to break down and lose their overall structural integrity. This can reduce their ability to maintain inflation for certain periods of time. Though this might not initially seem like a problem to you, driving on tires in this condition can actually put you, and your car, in harm’s way. These are the dangers of under-inflated tires and the reasons why you should address this situation immediately.

Reduction in Control

When a tire isn’t inflated properly, it’s easier for the rubber to sag under the weight of the vehicle. This compresses the tires against the road, and it becomes much more difficult to move them in the direction you want to go. Many drivers will experience resistance when trying to turn their steering wheel and may even struggle with braking or accelerating.

Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

Since it’s harder to get under-inflated tires moving properly, they’re also often to blame when your car is experiencing lower fuel efficiency. This is because the car will need to burn more gas just to get the vehicle up to the necessary driving speed. So, if you notice that you’re heading to the gas station more frequently than you have before, make sure to check your tires.

Overall Vehicle Damage

Another danger of under-inflated tires is the damage they can cause to the rest of your vehicle. Properly inflated tires have a certain level of bounce that helps absorb the shock from sudden impacts or obstacles on the road. However, under-inflated tires don’t have this same level of resistance—leaving things such as the wheel wells, the suspension, and the undercarriage to take the bulk of the hit.

Complete Tier Failure

Tires have even been known to fail when they’re under-inflated. This is because the loose rubber can make it easier for them to get punctured or scraped up. Existing problems can worsen, and you could suffer a flat or a blowout with very little notice. If you find that your car’s tires aren’t holding air, it’s crucial that you get them replaced before any of these issues develop. Fortunately, by visiting RNR Tire Express, you have access to quality yet cheap tires in Beaufort, SC. By acquiring our products from reputable brands, we’re confident that they’ll last you for thousands of miles.

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