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If you’ve ever had to shop for new vehicle tires, you’ve probably noticed that not all tires have the same tread marks. Some might display some crosshatching, while others might dominantly consist of straight, parallel lines. Believe it or not, these intricate designs offer more for your car and its performance than just a uniform appearance. These are the different tire tread patterns and what they mean for your ride.


A symmetrical tread pattern is the most common one used for standard performance vehicles such as passenger vehicles, vans, and sedans. It consists of reflected grooves and blocks along the entire length of the tire and finely cut lines for maintaining sufficient traction with the road. These tires are considered very durable, quiet, and long lasting, making them great universal models for many different vehicles.


Asymmetrical tire patterns combine several different tread designs to promote the maximum possible amount of grip on the road. Because of this, they often demonstrate inconsistent blocking and swishing line patterns that look much different from the tread on a standard symmetrical tire. The enhanced performance, stability, and traction these tires offer make them the most useful on sports cars.


Directional, or unidirectional, tread patterns are slightly different from symmetrical and asymmetrical tires because they’re only designed to roll in one direction. Since the grooves angle in the same direction along the tire and form a V shape, the tires can direct water away from the car when you’re driving over wet roads. This decreases the vehicle’s chances of hydroplaning on rainy days, and it can even help with slippage on ice.

Directional and Asymmetrical

As their name suggests, directional and asymmetrical tire treads are a combination of the two other designs. This also merges their capabilities for traction and overall performance. In fact, these tires are considered the highest-performance models for sports cars. However, they can be on the expensive side, so they may not always be the best option for your budget. To learn more about these different tire tread patterns and what they mean for your vehicle’s all-around performance, reach out to RNR Tire Express. Along with selling the highest-quality wheels and tires, your local RNR Tire Express also has an incredibly knowledgeable staff that will help you find the right fit for your vehicle. We guarantee you’ll always leave our shop with what you need.

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