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If you want your car or truck to look cool, the best thing you can do for it is put on some new wheels. The wheels are the soul of the car and one of the first things that people notice. A sweet set of wheels can make a boring car look cool in an instant. Before you plunk down your hard-earned cash on a set, find out the different types of car rims.

Forged and Cast Wheels

Forging or casting a rim refers to how it’s made. Manufacturers have methods for producing their rims. Casting metal is an old method that has been used for centuries. It means melting down metal and pouring it into a mold. When the metal cools, it will take the shape of the mold. The process is quick, which saves the producer and the customer money. Forged wheels are more expensive and take longer to make because they are made one at a time, milled out of a solid block of billet aluminum. They are significantly lighter than cast wheels and come in cooler designs because they are designed on a CAD program. Greater detail and imagination can be applied to the design.

Split Rim Wheels

Split rim wheels are hot right now on the car circuit and they are easy to spot—they’re one of the most distinctive types out of the different types of car rims. They have a series of small bolts, no more than an inch apart, lining the outer part of the rim. The bolts hold the layers of the rim together because the split rims are made of two or three parts. There are a lot of replica split rims out there that only have the look of a split rim, but the bolts are purely cosmetic and don’t serve any purpose. They are cheaper to buy while still accomplishing a specific look.

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are the most common and most popular on the market. Alloys are made from billet aluminum and come in thousands of bomb designs that the tuner and hot rod communities want. They are more expensive than forged steel wheels, but in the long run, they will save the car owner money. That’s because they are lighter and improve the vehicle’s fuel economy. Alloys are more prone to cracking and bending over their lifespan but it’s a good tradeoff for the increased fuel mileage. Come to RNR Tire Express when you’re ready for those new rims and tires in Knoxville, TN. We have more styles than you can imagine.

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