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Vehicle safety technology is a vital aspect of the automotive world because it deals with any feature that protects the driver and passengers during accidents. However, vehicles weren’t always as safe to drive as they are today. In fact, there was a time when people drove around in them without any protection at all. Here is a brief overview of the evolution of vehicle safety and how important it is that these developments continue for years to come.

The First Cars: Untested and Unmodified

When the first automobiles hit the market in the late 19th century, they consisted of little more than a heavy metal shell with an engine and wheels. They were very difficult to control—making accidents common—and had nothing but sheet metal to block any blows to the human body. Because of this, many drivers sustained injuries or even died during this age. Yet, surprisingly enough, any substantial changes to these models wouldn’t come until more than six decades later.

The 1950s and 1960s: Safety as a Priority

It wasn’t until after the end of World War II that vehicle manufacturers began taking an increased interest in their products’ overall safety rating. The public wanted additional tools to protect themselves and their families behind the wheel—spurring more research into the subject. This period brought about the invention of several key features that most cars still use today, such as the airbag and three-point seatbelt. In the 1960s, we would go on to see the implementation of car safety rules to help individuals use these features properly. As such, it was during this decade that the evolution of vehicle safety was at its peak.

Modern-Day: Moving Forward

Even today, we’re still seeing continuous advancement in vehicle safety technology. From automatic braking systems to 360-degree view cameras to collision detection, there’s no end to the enhancements we’ve invented in the interest of keeping drivers and passengers safe. As long as accidents keep happening, automotive manufacturers will continue to develop different features to help prevent them. Only then can we say that we’ve successfully built the safest car. A car’s tires also play a significant role in promoting safety while you drive. Tire developers have been continually improving on their products over the years. As such, we at RNR Tire Express carry only the best quality models you can find. Our tire stores in Rock Hill, SC, have an inventory with thousands of name-brand tires—each available in several different models to cater to varying needs.

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