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Getting in your car and driving down the road in a perfectly maintained car has its own dangers. An accident can happen at any time, for any reason, in any condition. You never know. The risk of having an accident only increases when you drive on worn tires. Depending on how often and how aggressively you drive, the average tire will last for a few years, but it will eventually wear down. The tread won’t be as effective, and the performance of the tire and vehicle will decrease. Don’t ignore these real dangers of driving with worn tires.

Hydroplaning Is Easier

The tread on tires keeps the car in contact with the road. They also repel water—when there’s water on the road, the tread moves the water away from the car to keep it on the road. Worn tires with little tread don’t repel the water as efficiently, and the car can then hydroplane. The vehicle loses contact with the road and rides on top of the water. At that point, you become a passenger with no control over the vehicle.

The Tire Can Blow at Any Time

Worn tires are thin tires, and thin tires puncture easily. Tires are made with a certain amount of puncture resistance, and they can usually take in a nail without losing air. Old, worn-out tires can’t take as much abuse, they’re at a higher risk of blowing. The random debris on any road becomes more dangerous, and previously harmless nails are now a real danger.

Stopping Time and Distance Increases

The tread on the tire also helps slow and stop the vehicle. When the tread is worn down, it’s not as effective at stopping the vehicle. The distance and amount of time needed to stop the car becomes longer, and the chances that you can stop to avoid hitting something become smaller. Your reaction time might be fast enough to apply the brake but worn tires won’t slow the car fast enough to avoid the accident.

Tire Can’t Hold Air

Even someone who knows little to nothing about cars knows that tires need air. When the tires are worn, they don’t maintain the air pressure as well. They start to leak air and need constant refilling. As the tires lose pressure, they negatively affect the vehicle’s performance. The engine works harder to move the car and burns more fuel to do it. Worn-out tires lead to decreased fuel efficiency and more money spent at the pump. RNR Tire Express has new tires in Anderson, SC, for every make and model on the road. Don’t take any chances with worn-out tires—visit us today.

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