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A tire’s shape is an incredibly impactful aspect of its overall design. Regardless of whether a car is accelerating, braking, or turning, the form of its tires is what influences how smooth and safe those actions are going to be. However, even today, it’s still often wondered whether the current shape of our tires is truly the best it could be for vehicle performance. As such, thousands of scientists have undergone the search for what they dub to be the theory of optimum tire contour.

What Is the Theory of Optimum Tire Contour?

Tire contour refers to the curvature of the rubber casing and how round or flat it is when sitting against the road. This feature also has to do with how narrow or wide the tire’s footprint is. While all tires might appear similar in contour at first glance, these specifications often change depending on the type of tire being produced as well as the manufacturer creating it. As to the theory behind this aspect, it’s believed by many researchers that there is an optimal tire design yet to be discovered. This would be one that’s perfectly balanced between flat and curved and that provides the perfect amount of handling, wear, and rolling-resistance capabilities. While these studies are very complex, strides are being made toward this goal every day—getting us one step closer to the perfect tire product.

How Does It Impact Tire Performance?

Still, when it comes to understanding the theory of optimum tire contour, it doesn’t mean much unless you also know how it affects tire performance. Cars driving on flatter tire contours will often experience a larger amount of grip with the road, which is great for rough terrain and puncture resistance. Curved tires, on the other hand, offer better control of the vehicle and reduce the amount of noise generated during use. So, while we don’t have a model to compare just yet, we can reasonably infer that the optimum tire would provide a combination of these featured with lessened drawbacks. But until our brilliant tire engineers find the perfect balance between a flat and curved contour, it’s essential that we keep driving on what works best for our specific vehicles. At RNR Tire Express, we carry a series of quality tires in Spartanburg, SC. From models designed for performance to those meant for durability, we’re confident that we have exactly what you need at a price you can’t get anywhere else.

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