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Are you storing your car away for the winter or an extended period? Before you do, check out our guide of things to consider when storing your car long-term to ensure that it comes out of storage just as well as when it went in.

Storage Security

A car is a valuable item; if you’re keeping it in storage for a long period, it’s probably an expensive car like a classic or antique. Whether you’re storing a car or a watch, you want to ensure it’s in a safe and secure space.

Many car owners store vehicles in rented storage units or storage places, which are typically very secure and reliable. If you’re storing a car in a simple garage, shed, or barn, ensure quality security measures like secure locks and motion-activated lights and cameras are in place to ward off intruders.

The Battery

One of the first things to consider when storing your car long-term is the battery. A car that isn’t driven for an extended period will eventually drain and kill the battery, necessitating a replacement.

Car owners have a few options regarding the battery—they can either disconnect it entirely from the vehicle or hook it up to a battery maintainer. A battery maintainer intermittently charges the battery without overloading it as it sits idle for months, so it doesn’t die or ruin its charge capacity.

The Tires

The tires present a problem for many owners who put their cars into storage for a long time. The weight and pressure of an idle car will eventually lead to a loss of pressure as well as flat spots in the tires. These flat spots can compromise the tire’s performance and even make them undrivable.

Car owners should either remove the wheels and store the car on a jack or try to drive it every couple of weeks and fill the tires to keep them even and inflated. If you need to replace your tires in Lubbock, RNR Tire Express will help you find the right tires for your vehicle at an affordable price.

Pro Tip:

If you keep the tires on in storage, place a tarp underneath to protect them from oils and other elements.

The Fluids

Car owners must also take stock of the vehicle’s fluids before storage, especially the oil and gasoline. Every car owner should change their vehicle’s oil so it goes into storage with fresh oil.

The fuel in a car can go stale or evaporate and cause corrosion if it sits idle for too long without a fuel stabilizer. Add a fuel stabilizer to protect the gas tank, which will bond with the gasoline to prevent evaporation.

Keep these considerations in mind before you store your car away for a long period.

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