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Driving on country roads is a rare pleasure in life that not everyone gets to experience. If you have had the pleasure, you know it’s no walk in the park. Country roads are full of challenges and obstacles that only the back roads can offer. Folks that only drive in the city are missing out, and they don’t even know it. If you’re tired of sitting in the house and want a real adventure, hit the trail, and use these tips for driving on country roads.

Scan for Eyeballs in the Ditch

Country roads are watching you as you drive by. There are critters big and small sitting near the road, just waiting to dart in front of your car. Heed this warning, especially at night. Headlights will illuminate the eyes of anything that is lurking in the darkness, and they will shine bright back at you. If something is looking back at you, be aware and slow down. If a deer darts in front of your car and causes an accident, your plans for the night will change very quickly.

Keep Your Eyes Forward

Keeping your head up and eyes forward is a good tip for driving on country roads. The main reason for this is to avoid potholes. Country roads are generally either dirt, gravel, or a combination of both. Either way, many country roads feel like a wedge of Swiss cheese pocked with holes. Hitting a pothole or bump in the road isn’t the end of the world, but hitting one that’s a foot deep at 40 mph will damage your suspension and wheels.

Get Over

Country roads are notoriously narrow. They aren’t anything close to a four-lane highway with lines and rumble strips. Back roads are often just wide enough to accommodate two cars, if that. If you see another vehicle approaching you in the opposite direction, get over and make some room. The first time you slide over, it might seem like you are going off the road, but don’t panic. When you hear gravel under the passenger-side tires, you are on the edge of the road and shouldn’t go much further.

Take It Slow

If it seems like this tip is on every list, that’s because it is. Slow down! There is no one to race on a country road, no lights to beat, and you have nothing but time. Enjoy the scenery and spare your car the damage. RNR Tire Express tire shop in Anderson, SC, is your home for the latest wheels and tires. Check out the lineup online and come in for an installation.

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