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When dreaming up road trips, most of us think of pleasant, tree-lined roads winding through the countryside. Sun-soaked days filled with beautiful weather fill the entirety of the trips and nothing goes wrong. At some point, you will pass through a city or arrive at your destination in a major city. It’s at this point that things can get real. What was once a relaxing road trip is now a tense slog through traffic in a strange city. Use these tips for driving through a new city and drive with confidence.

Avoid Peak Traffic Times

Plan your travels to avoid peak traffic times. You can safely guess that there will be a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the afternoon that you don’t want to be on the roads. Find out where the main thoroughfares are and avoid them at all costs. If you can wait, then wait, as you won’t be getting anywhere sitting in traffic. Use real-time traffic apps to find an alternate route if you can’t wait.

Stay Focused

Modern cars are full of distractions, even ones not including any passengers. When driving through a new city you should avoid any and all distractions. Leave the phone on mute and don’t bother looking at it while sitting at a light. Adjusting to the ebb and flow of the traffic is challenging enough without checking texts or yapping to the passengers.

Note Unfamiliar Road Signs

Even if you are traveling within the US, there are still lots of variations in traffic patterns and signs. Different states use access and frontage roads, have roundabouts, and use different types of traffic signs. Speed limits are increased in some states, so stay aware or you could get run over by a semi. Take special note of all of this when you get in town until you feel comfortable with driving in the new area.

Give Yourself More Time

Back home you travel the same roads day after day and you know how long, down to the minute, it should take to get somewhere. However, you don’t have that luxury in a new city. The flow and speed of traffic is different everywhere and you might not have that knowledge. Give yourself plenty of extra time when setting out. Even with GPS devices, there is still a chance you’ll get lost.

Go Around Instead of Cutting Off

When the GPS reloads and suddenly decides it doesn’t know where you are, circle back. Instead of jamming on the brakes and cutting someone off and possibly creating an accident, go around the block and try again. Don’t make things worse by annoying a local, and instead take your time knowing you planned for this by leaving early. If you’re new in town, come to RNR Tire Express for tires in Raleigh, NC. We will treat you right and make you feel welcome.

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