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When driving a truck, SUV, or car, you never know where you’ll end up. A simple trip to the grocery store or an off-road excursion can both be fun adventures. Still, severe weather or road obstacles can cause your vehicle to skid, swerve, or slide. Not to mention, mud can make you stuck. If this happens, check out these tips for getting a car unstuck in mud. No matter the reason, you’ll want to know how to safely handle this calamity.

Remain Calm

Firstly, do not panic. Keep calm and collected during this unfortunate scenario. It won’t help you or your passengers to lose focus of the situation. Also, panicking can worsen the situation. When you panic, you might attempt accelerating and cause your tires to spin. The faster your wheels work, the less of a chance they will find traction to pull the car out. It’s likely it will also dig you into a deeper hole. Once you realize you’re stuck, remain calm and fully assess the situation.

Go Slow

With that, go slow if you attempt to escape the mud patch. Lightly accelerate. If you feel the car inching upward, keep lightly accelerating. If the car does not move, have all passengers exit the vehicle and gently rock it. This may help dislodge the vehicle and find natural traction on a harder surface. Rocking too intensely may damage your transmission, however, so take caution when doing this.

Create Traction

As previously mentioned, getting stuck means there’s no traction for your wheels. One way to get unstuck is to create traction. Car mats are an obvious solution made for this exact purpose. They’re inexpensive and easy to use. Just place them down under the stuck tires and drive slowly forward until you’ve reached a solid surface. Then, collect your mats afterward. Alternatively, you can use other objects to create traction. Twigs, blankets, clothing, wood planks, cardboard, or even cat litter can help.

Call for Help

Finally, in case any of the other tips for getting a car unstuck in mud failed, you may need to call for help. There’s no shame in calling a tow truck or friend to help pull you out of the mud. Assuming you’re not in a secluded or off-road area, you’ll find it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, if you are in an isolated location, you might need to call the police or other emergency responders for assistance. One way to avoid getting stuck in the future is to equip your ride with the right off-road tires. Fortunately, we at RNR Tire Express have the best wheels and tires in Greensboro, NC, for off-roading and mudding. The deep grooves and treads in our tires assure safety and reliance in any extreme weather situation. Whether it’s with mud, rain, snow, gravel, or sand, it will almost feel like you’re on the road.

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