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Trying to stay calm when you are stuck in a traffic jam seems impossible. It is a gargantuan task that is easier said than done. There you are, late for an appointment, creeping along the expressway at a snail’s pace. Nothing is more infuriating than that. Luckily, there are some tips for staying calm in heavy traffic that work. If not immediately, they will eventually. Give one or all of them a try the next time you are in gridlock.

Move to the Far Lane

Put your car into the furthest lane to the right side of the road and stay there. Changing lanes because one might be moving along faster isn’t wise. That only contributes to the traffic jam. Stay put and ride it out. Being in the far-right lane will let you get off at an exit when you’ve finally had enough.

Don’t Take it Personally

The traffic jam isn’t about you. Just remember that it’s a traffic jam and these things happen—you are a part of it, not the cause of it. Know that there are hundreds of others stuck in the exact same situation as you, and they aren’t happy about it either.

Change the Radio Station

You need something else to focus on, so play some music, find a podcast, or sing your favorite guilty pleasure song at the top of your lungs. Changing your focus is great for staying calm in heavy traffic. Staring at the bumper in front of you and seething over the mass of cars isn’t going to make you feel any better; instead, take that frustration out by belting along to your favorite song.

Take a Different Route

Remember when you got into the far-right land and stayed there? Well, now you can get yourself out of the traffic jam. While you are sitting there, program the GPS to find a different way home. Get off at the nearest exit and do some exploring. You might stumble across new places you didn’t know existed. If you want to be a modern-day explorer, don’t use the GPS, and navigate with the compass and your own wits. Go forth and be bold; after all, if you get too turned around, your GPS is always there to save the day. Come visit us at RNR Tire Express for the coolest wheels and tires in Columbia, SC. We have all the latest styles for your car or truck.

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