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The winter is always a difficult season for cars and drivers, especially for the tires. But every season challenges car tires, from winter ice to spring rain and summer heat. Below, we offer some simple tire care tips for extreme weather conditions to ensure your vehicle and its tires are ready for the most challenging driving conditions.

Inspect the Tread

Before you head out into potentially dangerous road conditions, give your tires a tread check to ensure they have the grip necessary to meet the challenges of the weather. You should check your tire’s treads frequently, but especially before driving on roads slick from ice, snow, or rain. Tires have indicator bars set at 232” of the grooves. If the tread is flush with the bars, the tread is too thin to drive. You can also use a tire tread gauge, which you can find at most auto parts stores.

Monitor the Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is crucial to driving safety, especially in difficult road conditions. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended PSI of all your vehicle’s tires, and examine each tire to ensure it’s within the ideal PSI range. Many cars have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that alerts drivers when the tire pressure falls out of this range. However, it’s wise to manually check the pressure with a tire gauge regularly.

Be Prepared

Another tire care tip for extreme weather conditions is to be prepared for tire-related emergencies. Drivers should have either a spare tire or a tire patch kit in case one of their tires develops a puncture while driving. For snowy conditions, it’s also wise to have recovery gear like recovery boards, emergency flares, and shovels for removing snow. Drivers should consider snow socks or tire chains for maximum traction in winter as well.

Check the Tire Balance and Wheel Alignment

Before taking on difficult driving conditions, have your tires and wheels serviced. It ensures they’re performing at their peak capability. Check your car’s tire balance if you feel a vibration in the steering wheel, and consider a wheel alignment the next time you’re getting serviced to preserve your tires’ tread.

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