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When getting winter tires for their cars, drivers have two options: tire studded or non-studded. But which is better? Below, we break down what drivers need to know about each option to help you choose the ideal tire for your car!

What Are Studded Winter Tires?

As their name suggests, studded winter tires are a special kind of winter tire that features metal studs. These metal studs are designed to dig into ice and snow for maximum traction on slick and dangerous winter roads. While these metal studs are excellent for gripping on slick roads, they can also damage paved roads, which is why they’re illegal in some states or only allowed during certain seasons.

What Are Non-Studded Winter Tires?

Non-studded or studless tires, as you can imagine, are winter tires that don’t feature these metal studs. Instead of using metal studs for traction, non-studded tires use different methods for traction, such as distinct rubber compounds and tread designs. Non-studded winter tires are legal in every state but aren’t recommended for use outside of the snowy and icy winter months, as they’ll wear out much faster on roads in the spring, summer, or fall.

Which Is the Better Winter Tire?

So now we know the basics of studded and non-studded winter tires, but which is the better option for drivers? First, you’ll have to check if studded tires are even legal in your state, as a few states, including Minnesota, Texas, and Louisiana, have made them outright illegal. Most other states put seasonal or conditional limits on when you can have studded tires, and a few, like Colorado and Wyoming, allow them under any conditions.

While studded tires offer the most traction on packed snow and ice, they’re not necessary in most situations. Plus, studded tires are noisy and tear up the road when there’s no snow or ice, so non-studded winter tires are often the best choice for drivers looking for more grip in the winter.

Get Studded or Non-Studded Winter Tires at RNR Tire Express

Whether you’re looking for studded or non-studded winter tires, RNR Tire Express can help! Our wide selection of winter tires in Tucson and other locations nationwide will ensure you have the safest tire options to get you to your destination safely, no matter the road conditions. Shop our inventory or schedule an appointment with a tire specialist to get the best tires for you today!

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