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It’s often common knowledge for drivers that tire traction is the sole thing that determines a vehicle’s ease of movement. Regardless of whether you’re accelerating, stopping, or just trying to passively roll, none of these actions would be possible without the help of tire traction. But what is tire traction, and what factors help influence how much of it we have on the road? Read on to gain an understanding of how tire traction works and what you can do to maximize it as you drive.

What Is Tire Traction?

First, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what traction actually is. Tire traction is the amount of resistance formed between the tire and the ground it’s resting on. This force is what allows the tire to grip the road and move when acted on by the engine or steering wheel. While all quality tires can generate an average amount of traction, it’s important to remember that some models can create more traction than others. This is what makes some types of tires better on slipperier surfaces than others.

How Traction Is Generated

Understanding how tire traction works also requires you to have an idea of how traction is generated between the tire treads and the rough pavement. Essentially, traction is created when multiple forces are pushing against one another at the same time, establishing a strong grip between them. In the case of a car, we have the vehicle’s weight, the immovability of the road, the engine’s power, and the amount of flexibility a tire has. The weight and engine power will push the tire downward, while the road will stay exactly the same. This causes the tire to mold with the road and propel across it with the resulting torque.

Factors That Affect Tire Traction

However, it’s important to mention that traction can be more difficult to create depending on a few different factors. The first is the flexibility of the tire. After all, if the tire can’t flex to meet the road, it will keep spinning without ever establishing a grip. Another factor is the tire’s treads. It isn’t enough for the tire to flatten against the road—in fact, too much of this can be a bad thing too. It takes the proper tread pattern to latch onto the pavement and keep the tire turning. If you want to maximize the amount of traction your vehicle has, you’ll want the best quality tires you can find. Fortunately, at RNR Tire Express, we have just what you’re looking for. Our stock of wheels and tires in Columbia, SC, is from some of the best manufacturing brands in the automotive industry. Best of all, we go the extra mile to sell them at a price that anyone can afford. So, you’ll always have reliable models to keep you in control.

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