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On the list of major car problems, vibrations are pretty common. We’ve all experienced it at some point while cruising down the road. Your car pulling to the side slightly or the steering wheel shaking indicates that something is wrong with the vehicle, and you should have it looked at. Here are the top reasons for car vibrations.

Damaged Brake Rotors

A more subtle, hidden reason for car vibrations is warped or damaged brake rotors. The rotors are the metal discs attached to the wheel that the brake pads grip to stop the car. If the rotors get damaged or have grooves in them, the brake calipers and pads can’t grip them properly, which can lead to vibration when applying the brakes.

Bent Axles

The axles hold the tires to the vehicle and are responsible for transferring the power from the engine to the wheels. They are very solid, durable parts, but they can get bent if hit hard enough. They get bent by driving over speed bumps or other uneven terrain too fast, or they can get bent in a collision with another car. A noticeable vibration will occur if the axle is bent in any way.

Tires Out of Round

Old or defective tires can come “out of round” and cause the vehicle to shake. That means that the tire is no longer round, as it should be. This could be due to uneven wear or bumps in the tire itself. The steel belting inside the tire can break apart and create bumps on the tire, making it look like a reverse golf ball. Something like that could be a factory defect, so check the warranty on your tires before paying to replace them.

Wheel Bearings Are Shot

When you can feel the car shaking through the steering wheel, the likely culprit is bad wheel bearings or hubs. Most people will falsely blame a shaky wheel on the alignment when the problem lies with the wheels. It could be as simple as the lugs being torqued incorrectly, or it could mean the wheel bearings are worn out. The worst-case scenario is runout, which would mean replacing the tie rods and/or ball joints. RNR Tire Express tire shop in Greenville, NC, is the place to go for vehicle vibrations. We can check the tires, alignment, and balance to make sure you have a smooth ride.

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