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While all the indicators along your car’s dashboard are essential, the traction control light is one of the most important to immediately address. This is signal is designed to alert you whenever a wheel is spinning at a different rate from the others, which alludes to a loss of traction. Should this happen while you’re driving, your risk of losing control of your vehicle rises exponentially. As such, it’s crucial that you know some of the top reasons your traction control light came on and what it could mean for your driving.

The Anti-Lock Braking System Is Malfunctioning

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, your traction control system and your anti-lock braking system could share the same internal wiring. This can accidentally trigger your traction control light should your ABS start to malfunction. For this reason, should your light come on, make sure to inspect other components of your car to help determine the root of the issue.

Wheel Speed Sensors Are Damaged

If the traction control system itself ends up being the problem, this often means that your car’s wheel speed sensors are broken. Since this system works by monitoring the rotation speed of all your vehicle’s wheels, these sensors must always be able to release a signal. When one happens to shut down, the computer won’t be able to tell what that tire’s speed is and will respond as if you’ve lost traction.

Steering Angle Sensor Problems

The same thing could happen if your steering sensor goes down. This component calculates the angle that the steering wheel is sitting at and the speed that you turned it to help determine which way you intend to go. So, when this part malfunctions, the car has no idea what movements it’s making, and it will activate the traction control light.

General Road Conditions Are Poor

Another top reason your traction control light might have come on is that the road conditions themselves are not ideal. When the pavement is wet or slippery, it naturally prevents your tires from establishing a grip as you drive. This causes the wheels to start spinning at their own rates and indicates that you’ve lost traction. If you find that your car is struggling to acquire and maintain a proper amount of traction with the road, your tires could also be a part of the problem. At RNR Tire Express, we’ve established a solid collection of tires for a series of different vehicle models and road conditions. This way, we can ensure that we have a product that can help maximize traction—regardless of the road conditions. Stop by our tire stores in Greenville, SC, to browse our diverse inventory.

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