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At RNR Tire Express, we understand that many drivers operate with tight budgets when shopping for new tires. But drivers don’t want cheap, flimsy tires that will wear out immediately. Below, we’ll walk you through the value and quality considerations drivers should contemplate when shopping for budget tires.


Durability is one of the first things drivers should consider when buying tires, whether they’re budget or high-performance. After all, there’s no point in drivers saving a few bucks on budget tires if they wear out faster and require more frequent replacements than others. But plenty of budget tires are available and offer solid durability and longevity. Soft rubber tires wear out faster, so consider budget tires with hard rubber or ones reinforced with sturdy sidewalls for durability.


The tread is another value and quality consideration in budget tires that drivers should keep in mind. Thicker tread tires with deeper grooves will provide more traction but typically cost more than standard tires. Of course, safety is always the priority when shopping for tires, so if you live in a region with brutal winters full of ice and snow, you’ll want tires with deeper tread and better traction. Again, plenty of budget winter tire options are available for drivers to consider that’ll provide quality traction on winter roads without costing an arm and a leg.

Rolling Resistance

Drivers should also consider the tire’s rolling resistance when shopping for budget tires. Low-rolling resistance tires offer drivers greater fuel efficiency and a smoother and quieter ride. However, resistance tires are typically more expensive than the average tire, so only a few options are available for those on a budget. However, drivers deciding which budget tire to buy should ask about and compare their rolling resistance to see which option has the edge regarding fuel efficiency.


Nobody wants to drive around on loud and bothersome tires, so noise is important when buying new tires. The most affordable tires are often the loudest when driving because they contain less rubber and the less rubber on a tire, the weaker the construction and the more noise it’ll make on the road. Noisy tires are distracting and annoying, so when shopping and comparing tires, ask about the amount of rubber in their construction and how loud they are.

Find All Kinds of Budget Tires at RNR Tire Express

There’s no better place to shop than RNR Tire Express if you’re looking for quality budget tires! We have all kinds of tires in Laredo and many other locations nationwide. Browse our vast inventory of tires or schedule an appointment and speak with one of our tire specialists to find the ideal tire for you and your budget.

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