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There are several systems within your car that are all designed to give you more control of the vehicle. If any one of these mechanisms in your car were to fail, you will experience a reduction in the control you have over your vehicle. The effects of some system failures can be felt greater than others, but even worn-down mechanisms can result in noticeable drops in handling. Keep yourself and others safe while on the road by learning about several effective ways to improve your car’s handling.

Shock Absorbers

These are the mechanisms that absorb the energy your car generates while in motion, decreasing the amount your car jumps off the road due to the resulting force. The absorbers are designed in such a way that they keep your tires in contact with the road at all times.

Dangers of Failed Absorbers

Shock absorbers keep your car from bouncing off the ground, and once they fail, your car tires will have less contact with the road surface. The less contact there is, the less control you will have over the vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

Your car’s manufacturer created a certain angle at which your vehicle’s tires are supposed to be aligned. If your tires are all aligned properly, your vehicle will travel in a smooth and straight line. If your wheels are out of alignment, however, you will experience your car pulling to the left or right, depending on the misalignment.

Dangers of Misaligned Wheels

Because the wheels will constantly pull to one side, the driver will need to overcompensate with their steering while driving. A loss of focus while driving at high speeds can result in your car pulling either into the median, a ditch, or another motorist.


One of the quickest ways to improve your car’s handling is by maintaining the tire. The tires can also be a common cause of reduced handling. If the treads are too worn, they will lose traction more easily on the road, especially in hazardous conditions such as rain, gravel, and ice.

Always Keep Up To Date With Your Tires

Tires are constantly exposed to harsh treatment by the very nature of driving, and they are typically the first mechanisms to fail while driving. Ensure the tires of your vehicle are sturdy, safe, and can give you reliable handling while on the road. Contact RNR Tire Express for a selection of reliable tires or stop by our tire shop in Topeka, Kansas.

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