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Depending on your daily needs, your vehicle could benefit from the inclusion of all-terrain tires. All-terrain tires are used for off-road conditions and come with several other benefits, but they also have a number of disadvantages you should consider before purchasing.

What They’re Designed For

All-terrain tires are made to be used both on-road and off-road. They provide improved traction on surfaces that are wet, dry, and slightly snow-covered. Typically seen as a compromise between standard tires and mud tires, they can be used in both conditions.

Advantages of All-Terrain

  • Design of Treads. With the open tread design, all-terrain tires offer improved traction on off-road conditions, and proper handling on standard roads.
  • Reinforced Sidewalls. These sidewalls can give your vehicle a greater load-carrying capacity and can endure hard, off-road use.
  • Year-Round Usability. Because they can handle standard road conditions, off-road conditions, and snowy environments, all-terrain vehicles can be used all year without having to install weather-specific tires.

Disadvantages of All-Terrain

  • Noise from Treads. Because of the specific design of the treads, air doesn’t flow as smoothly through the grooves. This results in a louder noise than regular tires while driving.
  • Lower Tread Life. The softness of the rubber used in all-terrain tires usually means a shorter tread life. All-terrain tires may need to be replaced every 40,000 miles.
  • Lower Fuel Efficiency. Due to the heavy-duty nature of all-terrain tires, they have less fuel efficiency.

Are All-Terrain Tires Right for Your Vehicle?

With both the advantages and disadvantages in mind, the vehicles that will benefit the most from all-terrain tires are larger trucks, SUVs, campers, and cars with 4-wheel drive. Typically, all-terrain tires are used for heavier vehicles in regularly hazardous environments. If the area you live has consistent weather year-round and doesn’t present dangerous road conditions, then you may not experience the full benefits of all-terrain tires.

The Right Tires for Your Car

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