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Tire bubbles are one of the most dangerous types of damage that can happen to your vehicle’s tires over time. Slowly springing leaks and growing larger under the stress from the road, these lumps of air inevitably burst, resulting in potentially severe accidents. As such, it’s crucial that you’re well-informed on what it takes to prevent these situations from happening. These are some of the factors that cause bubbles in your tires and how to avoid them on the road.

Driving Over Uneven Roadways

The most important thing to know about tire bubbles is that they can be the result of any high-impact occurrence on the road. This means driving over potholes, taking speed bumps too quickly, and running over sharp debris all weaken the tire’s sidewall and contribute to the formation of a lump. Because of this, it’s crucial that you try to avoid driving over these objects or, if you have to do so, drive over them carefully and slowly. A reduced speed will cut the amount of impact your tires experience and, therefore, minimize the damage they sustain.

Bumping Into a Curb

As brief and unintentional as these collisions might be, bumping into curbs can also weaken your tires and create bubbles. This is because curbs exert a lot of resistance on a tire during impact, forcing the rubber to cave in on itself. At high speeds and with repeated events, these happenings can cause a great deal of damage to the internal components of your tires and allow air to escape into the casing. As such, it’s crucial that you refrain from turning too tightly or accidentally swerving too far to the side of the road.

Overloading Your Tires

Another potential cause of bubbles in your tires is frequently exposing them to excessive weight. Overloading is the act of loading your vehicle to the point where the cargo’s weight exceeds the limit of your tires. While most tires can handle the occasional instance of overloading, not many can withstand this amount of force over a longer period of time. The tires will start to spring leaks from the pressure, which is what allows air to catch under the rubber casing. For this reason, you should always adhere to your tire’s set capacity standards. Unfortunately, once your car’s tires develop a bubble, there’s no way to fix it without replacing them. But with RNR Tire Express’s range of services, you don’t need to be afraid of this process. In fact, our tire places in Savannah, GA, provide an extensive inventory of quality tires from several of the best brands in the industry. So, you won’t have any trouble finding something to suit your needs.

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