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Most car owners don’t pay attention to the condition of the tires on their vehicles. As long as the tires have air in them, most people assume all is well. However, that’s not always the case. Like any other system on a car or truck, tires need some time and attention. Granted, they don’t need as much as the oil and brakes, but they still need attention. Without the tires, your vehicle isn’t going to go anywhere. So what happens when you neglect your tires?

Quick Maintenance Tips

To function properly, tires need the proper air pressure. Each tire has a specified pounds per square inch (PSI), which you can usually find in the driver’s side door. Keeping the tires inflated properly will keep them in good shape longer. Each time you stop for gas, give them a quick check—if the PSI is low, put in some air. Clean the tires occasionally, too. Use some Armor All on them to keep them conditioned, protected, and looking good.

They’ll Lose Tread

On a long enough timeline, every tire will lose its tread. Tread is what grips the road and keeps the car under control. The older a tire is and the more you drive, the lower the tread will be. A quick way to check the tread depth is to use the penny trick. Turn a normal penny upside down and put in in the tread of your tire. If you can’t see Abe’s head, the tread is good. If you can see his forehead, then the tread is worn, and it’s time for new tires. Bald tires decrease the traction and handling of the vehicle, and they’re dangerous in bad weather.

They May Blow Out

Bald and worn tires are more prone to blowouts. Old tires lose their tread and shape, and they’re at a greater risk of getting a hole. If you can see the steel belting in a tire on your car, park it and have it towed to the nearest RNR Tire Express. That is extremely dangerous to drive on. Having a tire blow out while you’re driving can cause you to lose control of the car and have an accident. A front tire blowing out makes it difficult to steer the vehicle to the side of the road and stop it.

Gas Mileage Will Decrease

Tires that are underinflated will decrease the gas mileage of your vehicle. Low PSI on tires means the engine has to work harder to move the vehicle. Working harder means burning more fuel. Checking the PSI periodically will improve the gas mileage and keep the engine from experiencing unnecessary wear. RNR Tire Express is the only place for tires in Gastonia, NC. We have the latest styles of top-quality tires available. Come see us today.

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