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When we think of purchasing off-road tires for our vehicle, we tend to believe they’re just better in every way. However, like other types of tires, they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages depending on how they’re used. This is what makes off-road tires different from standard models and their potential benefits and drawbacks.

Unique Tread Patterns

To begin, off-road tires are designed with their own unique tread patterns to better accommodate irregular surfaces. Each type of off-road tire has a tread crafted to respond to a specific hazard, and even all-terrain tires still perform better on some surfaces than others. However, these treads are much thicker than those on standard tires, and this often comes with additional durability and resistance to puncture. So, they can still hold up even in the roughest conditions.

Increased Terrain Handling

These treads provide a vehicle with the proper amount of grip on things such as gravel, snow, mud, and even boulders. This increases the vehicle’s ability to handle these surfaces and leads to an overall improvement in performance. Since off-road tires can better withstand the force of impact, the terrain will be less likely to cause wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension when making the transition to rougher terrain.

Lower Performance on Smooth Surfaces

However, another thing that makes off-road tires different from standard tires is their reduced performance on pavement. While these models work wonders on uneven ground, anything smooth, such as established roads, can significantly cut the amount of traction they have while driving. This makes them more likely to hydroplane on wet roads or slip on black ice. Therefore, it’s important you carefully consider how often you’ll be on these surfaces.

Reduced Lifespan

Off-road tires may experience a shorter lifespan as well, simply due to type of rubber that they’re crafted with. Manufacturers will typically use a softer rubber compound to provide additional flexibility and further increase tire performance on jagged terrain. Though this makes the treads more effective overall, it also makes them more susceptible to wear over time. As such, off-road tires may also need to be replaced more frequently than standard tires. Whether you’re looking for a quality set of off-road tires or replacement standard models, your local RNR Tire Express is just the place you want to visit. Our inventory of tires and wheels is unrivaled. In fact, we carry just about any type of tire you could ever need from some of the best brands in the industry.

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