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Vehicle tires are more than just a tube of metal and rubber. In fact, they come with their own set of crucial components. Removing even one of these parts can severely hinder the effectiveness of tires on the road and reduce their performance capabilities. This is what the belt system in your tire does and how important this piece is to the stability of your vehicle during a drive.

Identifying the Tire Belt System

Before getting into the functionality of your tire’s belt system, you should know where the belt is located. The belt, or belt system as it’s often called, rests just below the exterior layer of rubber where the treads are. It consists of two stacked coils of steel cord that brace the underside of the treads and separate the rubber from the inner casing. Steel is the most common material for this purpose, since it offers the highest amount of durability and overall strength. Steel isn’t as heavy as other metals and provides the tire with an element of flexibility.

Belt System Functions

Essentially, the belt system in your tire gives it enough stability to maximize its traction on the road. Traction is essential for determining how tires will perform during a drive. It’s also crucial for safety in specific weather conditions. It can impact the smoothness the driver experiences while steering, and their general comfort behind the wheel. Belt systems also provide the treads with strength, decreasing the risk of punctures. Tires are complex pieces of equipment. This is why those of us at RNR Tire Express seek to not only sell quality tires, but also educate drivers on what to look for in the models they buy. For more information about the tire belt system or any other tire component, give us a call or stop by our tire shop in Greenville, SC.

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