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An emerging trend in the automotive world is the use of nitrogen-filled tires. But are they safe, and do they provide benefits to drivers? Below, we break down what you need to know about nitrogen-filled tires.

Is It Safe To Put Nitrogen in Tires?

Some drivers may feel concerned about putting anything but regular air into the tires, so is nitrogen a safe substitute? The answer is yes. There’s no harm in getting brand-new tires filled with nitrogen or even going to a nitrogen tank and putting nitrogen into tires already filled with regular air. Nitrogen isn’t flammable. So if you’re thinking of trying it, you should know there’s no safety concern when putting nitrogen in your tires yourself.

How To Know if Your Tires Are Filled With Nitrogen

The only way to truly know that your tires have nitrogen instead of regular air is by buying brand-new ones that contain nitrogen. The best way to find nitrogen-filled tires is at a tire shop. Look for tires with the green plastic cap or indicator on the tire valve stem instead of the regular black cap.

What Are the Benefits of Nitrogen-Filled Tires?

So we know the basics of nitrogen-filled tires, but what are the benefits of such tires? The primary benefit is that they’ll lose pressure slower than tires filled with regular air. This is because nitrogen doesn’t have the moisture of regular air. As a result, there’s less tire oxidation, which is what leads to degradation. Nitrogen-filled tires are most common in heavy-duty vehicles, such as race cars, large commercial trucks, and even airplanes. So nitrogen-filled tires will maintain a stable pressure for longer, which means longer-lasting tires and fewer stops at the air pump.

Find Nitrogen-Filled Tires at RNR Tire Express

If you’re interested in getting nitrogen-filled tires for your vehicle, RNR Tire Express is here to help! Our tire shop in Laredo and other locations throughout Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and many other states nationwide. You can also schedule an appointment to have your tires filled with nitrogen at any of our locations in no time. Start enjoying the benefits of nitrogen-filled tires for your car with RNR Tire Express today.

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