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Eco-friendly tires are becoming more popular and commonplace in the automotive market every year. However, many drivers are still unfamiliar with these types of tires and what they offer. Below, we explain what you need to know about eco-friendly tires, including their benefits and where you can find some for your car!

What Are Eco-Friendly Tires?

Many automotive and tire experts say eco-friendly tires are the industry’s future. While practically every aspect of antimanufacturing and car design is moving toward a greener approach, the tires are no different.

Rubber tires were significant polluters of our environment for years as their quantity and construction would mean they overpopulated landfills everywhere. Eco-friendly tires aim to reduce the carbon footprint of car tires via their production, longevity, and performance to give drivers a more sustainable and eco-friendly tire.

What Makes the Tires Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly tires are better for the environment than typical rubber tires in many ways. For one, tiremakers are experimenting with different raw materials for constructing eco-friendly tires, like incorporating silica for longevity and reducing the amount of petroleum in the tire’s production.

Eco-friendly tires are also good for the environment because they’re more efficient for drivers due to their low rolling resistance. The silica we mentioned earlier helps reduce energy loss as the tire hits the road, making it easier for the car to move the tires and waste less energy.

What Are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Tires?

Eco-friendly tires offer various benefits to drivers, whether they’re serious about helping the environment or not. As mentioned, the low rolling resistance characteristics of eco-friendly tires boost the car’s fuel efficiency, and the stiffer sidewalls of these tire treads mean they reduce less heat and offer improved wear qualities. So, the tires will last longer and save you money at the gas pump while they’re on your car!

The other benefits eco-friendly tires provide are for those looking to lead more sustainable lives and reduce their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly tires consist of more durable materials for longevity and use less petroleum—a significant polluter in the tire-making process.

Where Can I Get Eco-Friendly Tires?

That’s about all you need to know about eco-friendly tires, except where to get them. RNR Tire Express can help if you’re interested in going green for your car and your wallet! Our inventory of tires in Lubbock and other tire stores nationwide includes all kinds of tires, including eco-friendly ones. Browse our tire selection online to find the best set for your vehicle, or schedule an appointment with one of our tire specialists today!

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