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When it comes to cars and trucks, people throw around many official-sounding words. Words like transfer case, catalytic converter, and fuel injector sound really technical and important. Don’t let them confuse or intimidate you; they are just words. When you start talking about wheels, rims, and tires, things are not as complex because most people know what those are and can find them on the car. But there is an important distinction to understand when you want to buy some new wheels for your car or truck. Aftermarket and OEM wheels are different for one major reason. So, what’s the difference between OEM and aftermarket wheels?

The Terms Defined

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) means any company that builds a car, truck, or machine from the ground up. They design and build the machine from component parts and raw materials. In the case of cars and trucks, an OEM is Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Dodge, etc. They are the car companies that make the cars; therefore, they are the original equipment manufacturer. An aftermarket company is any company that makes parts for a car or truck. They make parts designed specifically for a make and model of car, but they don’t make the car. Aftermarket parts companies make a wide variety of parts like spark plugs, headlights, air filters, headers, mirrors, and anything that can be screwed on or glued to a car or truck.

What’s the Difference?

In the case of aftermarket wheels or OEM wheels, there are some big differences between them. Anything that you buy from the manufacturer is going to be more expensive. Just like taking your car to the dealership for repairs, it’s going to cost more than if you took it to Joe’s Garage. OEM wheels will cost more money, and they don’t come in too many different styles. Car companies design their cars to have one or two different wheel styles. They partner with another company that makes the wheels for them. Aftermarket parts companies make a lot of different styles because there are a lot of different tastes out there. They want to have the coolest designs and lots of them so they can increase the chances that they have something the consumer wants. If you are in the market for new rims, look around the aftermarket world. There will be more selection and the latest styles to choose from. Unless you are restoring a car to stock, your choices will be limited with OEM.   For the best tires in Greenville, NC, check out our huge selection of wheels and tires at RNR Tire Express. Come visit us or check out what we have online.

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