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Wheel Highlight: TIS Wheels 555/556 at RNR Tire Express


At RNR Tire Express, we’re your one-stop destination for the tires you need and the wheels you want, tailored to fit anyone’s style. Today, we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on the TIS Wheels 555 and 556, now available at RNR Tire Express. These wheels represent a bold new direction for TIS, and we’re excited to introduce them to our RNR Tire Express family.

Myles Kovacs, a renowned designer and entrepreneur, joins us to shed light on the exciting changes and additions to the TIS 555 and 556 wheels. These wheels were purposefully designed with overlanding and genuine off-road use in mind. The TIS 556 boasts a simulated bead lock design, while the 555 has a bead lock-like appearance, although it’s not a bead lock wheel.

  • Designed for Overlanding and Off-Road Adventures: The TIS 555 and 556 wheels are engineered to tackle the rugged terrain of overlanding and off-road adventures. Their robust design ensures they can withstand the challenges of adventurous journeys.
  • TIS Brand Recognition: While TIS is well-known for its stylish and performance-oriented wheels, these new additions signify their commitment to meeting the demands of the overlanding community, a rapidly growing segment of enthusiasts.
  • Popularity of Overlanding: Overlanding has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, offering a unique blend of exploration, outdoor adventure, and self-sufficiency. The TIS 555 and 556 wheels cater to this enthusiastic and diverse community.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: TIS has built a strong reputation by actively listening to customer feedback and adapting to their needs. The introduction of these wheels reflects TIS’s responsiveness to its customers’ desires.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your vehicle’s off-road capabilities and style, visit RNR Tire Express today to see these TIS 555 and 556 wheels in person. You can also purchase a set to transform your car and join the ranks of overlanding and off-road enthusiasts who appreciate quality, durability, and style.

Thank you for tuning in to RNR Tire Express, where we bring you the best in tires and wheels to suit your personal taste and needs. To find your local RNR Tire Express, please go to RNRTires.com/Locations for all the details.

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