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Unfortunately, the danger of wheel theft is real for many drivers and can happen at any moment. Luckily, we’re here to offer wheel security tips to prevent theft and damage! Keep reading to learn how to keep your car and its wheels safe.

Lug Nut Locks

A set of lug nut locks is one of the best and most secure solutions for wheel security. These lug nuts are like regular ones but you can’t remove them without the key, making them safe from thieves. Many drivers favor lug nut locks because they’re simple to install and effective at deterring thieves. Just make sure you don’t lose the key!

Install an Alarm With a Tilt Sensor

While your car likely has an automatic alarm that sounds when someone’s trying to break into the car, most alarms aren’t responsive if someone tries to jack up the car and take the wheels. Luckily, you can install a special aftermarket alarm with a tilt sensor. A tilt alarm sensor reads when the vehicle is being jacked up. Many aftermarket sensor alarms are available for a few hundred bucks.

Park Carefully

Parking carefully is a crucial wheel security tip to prevent theft and damage. When thieves look to steal cars, they search for targets in low-lit, private areas like alleys, side streets, and unoccupied parking lots. Park your vehicle around others and in a well-lit area when possible.

Adjust How You Park

When parking, get as close to the curb as possible without hitting so there’s no room for thieves to put a jack beneath the car. Also, when parked, turn your wheels at a 45-degree angle. While this won’t stop a determined criminal from removing the lug nuts, the angle makes it much harder and more time-consuming to do so.

Secure Your Wheel and Tires at RNR Tire Express

If your car could benefit from a set of lug nut locks or you need to replace stolen wheels, RNR Tire Express can help! We’re your one-stop tire shop in Corpus Christi for everything tire and wheel-related—from replacements to services and security. Browse our products and services online, or schedule an appointment to speak with a wheel and tire expert today!

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