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Whenever the weather starts to go through drastic changes, vehicles owners can’t help but wonder when it’s officially time to switch out their tires. From summer to all-season to winter tires, each model has its own strengths and weaknesses in dealing with certain conditions. To gauge the point at which each type will be the most useful, you need to know what those specifications are. This is when to switch from all-season to winter tires and the key differences between the two.

The Differences Between All-Season and Winter Tires

To understand when it’s appropriate to change out your all-season tires for winter models, you must first know what differentiates them. As a general rule, all-season tires are most useful in regions with mild weather patterns—neither too hot or too cold. This makes them the perfect options for the less-extreme times of year, such as spring or fall. In fact, areas that don’t experience harsh summers or winters may not even need to switch their tires at all. On the other hand, winter tires are specially designed to handle lower temperatures and slicker surfaces. Their treads are much deeper than those on all-season tires to provide better traction on slick roadways. They’re also made from a custom rubber material that’s chemically constructed to stay soft and flexible even at frigid temperatures. This way, there’s a significantly reduced chance of slippage.

When It’s Time To Make the Switch

As far as when to switch from all-season to winter tires, it’s important that you consider the outdoor temperature. All-season tires can handle cooler climates, but they stop performing optimally around 46 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when the rubber begins to harden and when they lose a significant amount of traction on the road. As such, it’s recommended that you make the switch when the average daily temperature drops below 45 degrees. If you have any additional questions about the different types of seasonal tires, RNR Tire Express can answer them for you. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will be sure to get you the information you need to make an informed decision for your vehicle. Stop by our tire shop in Raleigh, NC, to take advantage of these resources.

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